New Anti-Dumping Duties on Products imported from the People's Republic of China

11 January 2010

The European Commission recently issued a number of regulations imposing Anti Dumping Duties (ADD) on products originating from China. The products concerned are:

• Chamois Leather
• Molybdenum Wire and;
• Systems for scanning of cargo

Chamois Leather

Commission Regulation No. 1252/2009 imposed a definitive ADD on imports of chamois leather. The regulation concluded the new exporter review of Regulation No.1338/2006 and imposed ADD to all companies in China on “chamois leather and combination chamois leather, whether or not cut to shape, including crust chamois and combination crust chamois leather falling within CN codes 4114.10.10 and 4114.10.90”. Furthermore, the regulation imposes retroactive ADD duties on imports from one particular exporter in China, Henan Prosper Skins and Leather Enterprise Co. Ltd.

The ADD rate is 58.9% for these products.

Molybdenum Wire

Commission Regulation No. 1247/2009 imposed a provisional ADD on imports of molybdenum wire, containing by weight at least 99.95% of molybdenum, of which the maximum cross-sectional dimension exceeds 1.35mm but does not exceed 4mm currently falling within CN code ex 8102.96.00 (TARIC code 8102.96.00.10).

The ADD rate has been set at 64.3%.

Systems for scanning of cargo

Commission Regulation No. 1242/2009 imposed a provisional ADD on systems for scanning of cargo, based on the use of neutron technology or based on the use of X-Rays with an X-ray source of 250 KeV or more based on the use of alpha, beta or gamma radiations currently falling within CN codes ex 9022.19.00 (TARIC code 9022.19.00.10), ex 9022.29.00 (TARIC code 9022.29.00.10), ex 9027.80.17 (TARIC code 9027.80.17.10) and ex 9030.10.00 (TARIC code 9030.10.00.91) and motor vehicles equipped with such systems currently falling within CN code ex 8705.90.90 (TARIC code 8705.90.90.10).

The rate of ADD has been set at 36.6%.

How can ITS help you?

If you are concerned that your imports may potentially be subject to these Anti-Dumping Duties please feel free to contact us on (01905) 619229 or email us at: to discuss the possibilities of mitigating these costs, including the provision of undertakings, application for exemptions or application for exporter review.

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