Anti-Dumping Duty on certain ring-binders from the People’s Republic of China

18 March 2010

Following an expiry review, the European Council has adopted Regulation No. 157/2010 imposing a definitive anti-dumping duty on certain ring-binder mechanisms falling within CN Code 8305.10.00 originating from the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

The “ring-binder mechanisms” are defined as:

“…Ring binder mechanisms shall consist of two steel sheets or wires with at least four half-rings made of steel wire fixed on them and which are kept together by a steel cover. They can be opened either by pulling the half rings or with a small steel trigger mechanism fixed to the ring binder mechanism…”

The rates of duty have been set as:

  • For mechanisms with 17 and 23 rings falling within TARIC codes  8305.10.00.21, 8305.10.00.23, 8305.10.00.29 and 8305.10.00.35), the amount of duty shall be equal to the difference between the minimum import price of EUR 325 per 1 000 pieces and the net, free-at-Union-frontier price, before duty;
  • For mechanisms other than those with 17 or 23 rings (TARIC codes 8305.10.00.11, 8305.10.00.13, 8305.10.00.19 and 8305.10.00.34) the following shall apply:
  Rate of Duty TARIC additional code
People’s Republic of China    
World Wide Stationary MfG, Hong Kong, PRC 51.2% 8934
All other companies 78.8% 8900

The European Council has also gone a step further by imposing a definitive anti-dumping duty on imports of certain ring-binder mechanism falling within:

  • CN code ex 8305.10.00 consigned from Vietnam whether declared as originating in Vietnam or not (TARIC codes 8305.10.00.11 and 8305.10.00.21) and;
  • CN code ex 8305 10 00 consigned from the Lao People’s Democratic Republic whether declared as originating in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic or not (TARIC codes 8305.10.00.13 and 8305.10.00.23).

Next Steps

If you are unsure whether your products are affected and would like advice about Anti-Dumping Duties please contact us at or call us on (01905) 619229.

People’s Republic of China

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