HMRC Draft Statement on Specific Service Standards for Customs and International Trade

03 June 2010

HMRC launched its Charter in November 2009, its aim was to set out what businesses, individuals and other groups dealing with HMRC could expect from the Department as well as what HMRC expects from them.

HMRC has subsequently drafted a statement on the specific service standards that its customs and international trade customers can expect. It is also inviting comments by 9 June 2010. The table below is taken from the statement:




Team Responsible


Calls to the Tariff Classification helpline

Answer 98% of calls to Tariff Classification helpline within 60 seconds

Tariff Classification Team Southend-on-Sea (ECSM)


Direct Trader Input (DTI) Route 1 Documentary Checks

To clear all correct customs declarations within 2 hours of receipt

National Clearance Hub, Salford (ECSM)


Application for repayment

To process 90% of valid applications and make refund payment within 30 working days of receipt

National Duty Repayment Team, Dover (ECSM)


Review of Customs Decisions

Reviews should be completed within 45 days or by an extended deadline agreed with the customer

Customs Reviews and Appeals Team, Southend-on-Sea, (ECSM)


Customs Approvals:

(i)Customs Warehouse

(ii)Customs Procedure with Economic Impact

Acknowledgement of application within 10 working days – decision within 60 calendar days. Decision on application within 30 calendar days. (Acknowledgement as above.)

Centralised Authorisation Teams, Various Locations. (Local Compliance)


Applications for Binding Tariff Information rulings

Respond to requests for Binding Tariff Information by issuing rulings to 95% of applications within 30 days of receipt.

Tariff Classification Team Southend-on-Sea (ECSM)


Applications for Binding Origin Information rulings

To issue decisions on 95% of complete applications within 45 days. ( EU standard is 150 days)

Duty Liability Team Southend-on-Sea (ECSM)


Applications for “preferences certificates” EUR1

95% of correctly completed applications processed and certificates issued within 2 working days

National EUR/ATR Team, National Clearance Hub, Salford (ECSM)


Applications for Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

To issue a decision on AEO applications within 120 calendar days unless additional 60 days agreed.

AEO central Site, Nottingham (Local Compliance)


Intellectual Property applications¬† for customs’ protection at EU border

To process 95 % of complete applications within 30 days of receipt as per EC Regulations.

CITEX team, Nottingham (Local Compliance)


Next Steps

If you would like to comment on this statement then the HMRC contact for this statement is:

Tony Pillai
LG73, 100 Parliament Street
London SW1A 2BQ
020 7147 0095

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss the above or any other Customs-related issue then email us at: or call us on (01905) 619229.

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