EU Instigates Partial Interim Review on Anti Dumping Measures on imports of Chinese Coumarin

12 November 2010

The European Commission has decided on its own initiative to initiate a partial interim review of the existing anti- dumping measures on imports of coumarin originating in China.

The Commission has been informed that the sole producer of coumarin in the EU decided to discontinue production of coumarin and therefore the underlying grounds of the anti-dumping measure has been called into question. For an anti-dumping investigation to even begin there has to be evidence of:

(a) Dumping (selling at lower than cost or sales of overseas market) and;

(b) Evidence of the dumping harming EU Industry.

If therefore the sole EU producer has stopped production, it would be very hard to argue that low price imports are damaging a non-existent EU Industry.

The review is limited in scope to the examination of injury but the EU is requesting that traders make their reservations known during the next month to European Commission Directorate-General for Trade.

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