March 2011 Classification News

21 April 2011

March has seen a number of classification regulations come into force concerning:

• Ultrasonic Transmitters and Receivers
• TV Stands
• Infrared Thermal Cameras
• Electronic Muscle Stimulators
• Used Multi-Purpose Pick-Up Vehicles


Ultrasonic Transmitters and Receivers

Regulation No. 312/2011 classifies Ultrasonic Transmitters and Receivers that convert electrical signals into ultrasonic waves and are used for a variety of purposes including distance measurement in parking aids, space monitoring in car burglar alarms, and liquid level measurement in certain products, to CN Code 8548.90.90 that attracts a normal duty rate of 2.7%.

TV Stands

Regulation No. 313/2011 classifies TV stands that consist of a top and two shelves made of clear tempered glass, and four cylindrical legs of approximately 45 × 5 cm made of metal. The maximum weight load of the product is 80 kg. The metal components and the glass components comprise approximately 47 % and 44 , respectively, of the total value of the product, to CN Code 9403.20.80 that attracts a 0 rate of duty.

Infrared Thermal Cameras

Regulation No. 314/2011 classifies Infrared Thermal Cameras that are used for preventative maintenance to detect defective construction or insulation and heat leaks, to CN Code 9025.19.20 that attracts a duty rate of 3.2%.

Electronic Muscle Stimulator Platforms

Regulation No. 315/2011 classifies electronic muscles stimulator platforms that are used for example, in medicine, physiotherapy and well-being to CN Code 8479.89.97 that attracts a 1.7% rate of duty.

Used Multi-Purpose Pick-Up Vehicles

Regulation No. 316/2011 classifies used multi-purpose pick-up vehicles that consists of an unfolding load- carrying platform, for the transport of persons and goods (so-called ‘multipurpose vehicle’), with a diesel engine of a cylinder-capacity of 3 200 cm 3 , an automatic gearbox, four-wheel drive (4 × 4), and a wheelbase length of 320 cm, to CN Code 8703.33.90 that attracts a 10% rate of duty.

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