Colostrum Powder (Nutritional Supplement)

26 August 2011

Spray-dried, reduced-fat colostrum powder which has not been de-caseinated.

Packaged for retail sale as 64 g of powder, in a plastic screw-top container. With the following composition (percentage by weight): milk fat 1.2, milk protein at least 50 and typically 65.5. The product has a dry matter content of 93.3 per cent by weight. The product is a cream-coloured powder that tends to form lumps and has a milky odour. It has a higher immunoglobulin content than natural whey or milk.

According to the label the product is for human consumption. Classification is determined by General Rules 1 and 6 for the interpretation of the Combined Nomenclature, and the wording of CN codes 0404, 0404 90 and 0404 90 21. Classification under heading 3001 or 3004 is excluded as the product does not serve a therapeutic or prophylactic use for humans. Classification under heading 0402 is also excluded as the product does not have the typical composition of a natural milk powder. Given its characteristics the product is therefore to be classified under heading 0404. (Commission Regulation 775/2001)

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