Zero Duty for 75 Products from Pakistan

26 November 2012

Council Regulation 1029/2012 introduces autonomous preferences on 75 products originating in Pakistan and released to free circulation between 15 November 2012 and 31 December 2013.

Annexe I include 26 products which only can only benefit within limits of an annual first come first serve tariff quotas.  It is important that you review this list and act immediately if you import these goods.  This may involve speeding up shipments or ensuring they are released from customs warehousing or other suspensive arrangements.

Annexe II products are not subject to quota restrictions.

The Regulation includes safeguard provisions that allow for withdrawal of benefits if there is a surge of cheap imports of textiles, clothing, ethanol or leather goods (25% increase).

The goods must originate in Pakistan according to the rules of origin set out under GSP. Note EU originating content can count as Pakistani to help meet these rules under the cumulation provisions.

We would advise businesses to review the customs declarations made for any imports you intend to bring in under this arrangement to ensure the zero duty is applied.  Incorrect information in any box of the relevant boxes of the customs declaration can result in full or standard preference rates being applied


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