Classification Updates December 2012

10 December 2012

  • Steel fastener- U shaped bolt threaded at both ends, two hexagon nuts and a cast steel clamp with two holes for the passage of the bolt (the Regulation includes a picture)is classified by Regulation 1108/2012 to 7326.90.90
  • Electronic device known as CCD area image sensor is classified by Regulation 1109/2012 to 8529.90.92
  • Universal dual port car charger consisting of a car cigarette adapter, two USB interfaces and a light indicator is classified by Regulation 1110/2012 to 8504.40.90
  • Decoration sticker is classified by Regulation 1111/2012 to 4911.91.00
  • Insulated USB cable is classified by Regulation 1112/2012 to 8544.42.90
  • Track laying vehicle for transport of goods (so called minitrac) (picture in Regulation) is classified by Regulation 1114/2012 to 8704.10.10
  • Passive infrared detector used to send a signal to apparatus such as an alarm or electric door when movement is identified- classified by Regulation 1123/2012 to 8636.50.19
  • Load cell- classified by Regulation 1124/2012 to 9031.80.98
  • Electronic hot air blowing gun- classified by Regulation 1125/2012 to 8419.89.98
  • Spray dried powder used to increase the level of Omega-3 fatty acids in food preparations- classified by Regulation 1127/2012 to 2106.90.98
  • Waterproof plywood- classified by Regulation 1128/2012 to 4412.32.10
  • Poker set- classified by Regulation 1129/2012 to 9504.40.00
  • Three wheeled cycle- classified by Regulation 1130/2012 to 7812.99.70
  • Animal feed consisting of modified dehydrated cane molasses- classified by Regulation 1144/2012 to 2309.90.96
  • Sterilised wipes- classified by Regulation 1145/2012 to 3401.11.00
  • Refreshing wipes- classified by Regulation 1172/2012 to 3307.90.00
  • Garland of artificial flowers (lei)- classified by Regulation 1170/2012 to 6702.90.00
  • Small storage cloth bag-classified by Regulation 1171/2012 to 6307.90.10


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