Update of the Scope of Preferential Trade Agreements

19 April 2013

The EU has entered in to a number of preferential or free trade agreements whereby products originating in beneficiary countries can enter the EU free from duty or at a reduced rate.  To originate in the beneficiary country the goods must meet a specific origin rule as prescribed by the customs classification of those goods. Certain agreements allows goods from other countries to be counted as originating in the beneficiary country to help meet the origin rule.  These provisions are known as cumulation.

Commission Notice 2013/C110/04 provides an update on the current state of these cumulation provisions.

We appreciate this is a complex area of customs law.  In essence these cumulation provisions increase the likelihood that goods sourced from any of the countries mentioned can benefit for duty free import.  If you would like to investigate this opportunity further then please e-mail me at rob@internationaltradesolutions.co.uk

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